Kollektion: Kingsland Sweatshirts


Our sweatshirts offer luxury without compromising comfort and are tastefully decorated with our branding, so everyone will know who you’re wearing. Our sweaters come in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can pick a style that fits you best and makes you feel your best.

Kingsland Sweats

As athletic wear becomes more integrated into our day-to-day lives, we wanted to create our sweats to be diverse. A hoodie or sweatshirt is a sportier alternative to knitwear and gives off a cooler statement. Our sweats are universal and can easily be combined with a skirt and a pair of chunky sneakers to give a feminine touch, or if you want a more masculine look, you can go with a classic, neutral-toned sweatsuit and a pair of vibrant running shoes. Sweatshirts may just be the ultimate comfort, and the best part is, you don’t have to give up your style for it.
On cooler summer days and nights, sweatshirts and hoodies can replace a jacket and be used as outerwear. You can also layer sweats to be more on trend. Our sweats are made with cotton, which gives a long-lasting fit and a piece that will always feel soft and luxurious.
Do you love to rep the Kingsland brand? Our sweats come with our signature patches, embroidery, prints, and labeling, and we also offer children and juniors sizes so your little ones can also show off their favorite brand as well. For those of you who would like something more understated, we offer sweats for you as well.

Our Values
As (Equestrian fans, horse lovers, etc) ourselves, we know you care about animals, which is why we do our part in the responsibility for animal welfare. Our company feels that we need to do the best for the environment that we can. At Kingsland, we make sure to use recyclable packaging and avoid unnecessary wastes. We also don’t use silica anti-mold and moisture protection but have replaced that with a more natural product that doesn’t have the same detrimental environmental impact.
You can take pride in the fact that our products come from us and are made with high standards. We don’t produce in “low-cost manufacturing areas”, and we use our own Quality Controllers to make sure all of our production is met with the Kingsland standard you love.
We are created by riders for riders and are passionate about equestrian sport. We want to make you feel proud to wear our clothing and are dedicated to making you feel and look your best no matter where you are - we ship globally.